Monday, January 21, 2008

The Future of Karikuy

Thanks for visiting my blog here at blogger. I created this blog so that my customers as well as anybody interested in Peru and my organization can have a place to hear from me directly. In future posts I plan to give all of you a more in depth idea of what Karikuy stands for and all that I have planned for this organization.

It can be really difficult starting a company from scratch, luckily I've had some great experiences as well as friends that have made it all a little more easier for me. I know that it will be a hard road to achieve all that I have in mind, but it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't. So you must be asking by now; what does Karikuy mean? what does it stand for? Karikuy in runasimi means to "to live in a light-hearted way", not only is that my philosophy, but that of the society I plan to build in the Andes of Peru. is only the first step in a larger plan I've had in the back of my head for years now. Think of it as a fund raiser, although my organization offers the best guided trip of my country anywhere, it is also the foundation of a plan I call Ñawpa Kutiq. You see, before their collapse the Incas had created a society in which all it's citizens never went hungry, their surplus of goods awed the invading Spaniards. Although we would describe the Incas of having a feudal society, they did have some brilliant designs in agriculture and economy. Using their agricultural infrastructure and their vast system of distribution, as well as modern technology and new ideas in social localized administration, I will attempt to effectively create a self sustaining and ever growing community.

Ideas are often forgotten, discarded for fear of persecution or failure. The only failure I see in my eyes is ceasing to re-imagine what we humans are capable of. We leave too much to be desired in our governments, where has all the ambition gone?