Friday, March 7, 2008

Tariy 2008: Preparations

For the next month I will be backpacking throughout Peru, the strenuous hike over the Andes and sweaty trek through the desert will be chronicled on this blog for my customers and friends.

My journey begins this Monday and I find myself overwhelmed by preparations ranging from the complex to the mundane. By far the easiest part has been planning my route which you can view below. First I will head north through the coastal Sechura desert and make my way up to The Ruins of Kuelap near Chachapoyas, then return to Cajamarca to take a flight back to Lima to celebrate my Birthday on the 19th. From there I begin the long roundabout trek through southern Peru and the majestic Andes mountains.

The North of the country is currently under a state of emergency because of severe flooding due to La Niña. This is the complex part of the planning, sure many would say just avoid the area, however I plan to go see if any help is needed and also to see the damage for myself. This is not a vacation for me but a learning experience.

Besides my humanitarian and charity work which I will explain in a second, I also plan to shoot a short film for Karikuy so you have a chance to know more about this organization and me as well. Also while going from city to city I will be hooking up with hotel and tourism agencies to get updated pricing and information to better help you decide on your next trip in Peru.

Throughout my travels I will be handing out gifts and sweets to the poor rural areas of Peru. I can only try to put a smile on a child's face with such a small offering in a country that is still developing, and so my supplies being limited I ask anyone who wishes to donate a gift or candy to let me know and I will try to squeeze it into my luggage. you can email me at or give me a call to pick up supplies at 631.371.6239 you can even send me donations through paypal using the address Donations are great as they allow me to purchase goods inside Peru for distribution and will let me avoid customs and baggage weight restrictions as well as relieving you of a deadline of Monday, March 10th to donate.

So I have to get back to planning and preparing my luggage for the trip, you can check the blog every week for the next month, I will try to post at least twice a week. I also look forward to the company of those who are thinking about joining me for Amikuy this May. You can check out all the information regarding that trip at

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