Friday, May 9, 2008

Return to Paradise

In five days I will be heading back to Peru, I have been counting the days since I last left that beautiful country of mine. My adventurous spirit, coupled with my vigor to see Karikuy succeed in its broad vision, have reawakened my previously fatigued state of mind. You see, I've been spending about 10+ hours everyday hunched over a keyboard, my eyes enveloped in a mechanical light that has become my daylight the past couple weeks. Booking, planning, advertising, developing, its all very methodical work and nothing cheers me up more then knowing I'm only a couple days away from putting all that behind me and dealing with the exciting end of my job. Getting to know my clients and seeing their awed faces as I show them around my country is irreplaceable, I know of no other reward similar to it, at least not in any previous job.

So as I start packing and getting ready to depart the good old USA, I think to myself what adventures and surprises I will run into this summer, or then again I should say winter, even though I just returned from summer...oh wait a coastal summer in Peru is a Andean winter, either or. Ha ha yes it's all very incredible really, in the next four months I will have experienced every season and almost every micro climate. What a wonder Peru is, I look forward to meeting all of you who have signed up for one of the trips and those in the process of doing so. If there's adventure to be had, you will find it in Peru.

*Tariy Update* I will resume writing about the trip in my downtime in Lima. I have not forgotten about it, and have it organized in the blog links section of the blog for better structure.