Monday, December 1, 2008

The Karikuy Bed & Breakfast

I thought I would take some time off from preparing to head back to Peru to introduce the Karikuy Bed & Breakfast. Yes it has a new look! I'm sure most of you who've had the chance to book through Karikuy have had an overnight at the B&B. Depending on the time of your visit you probably got the chance to see it at various stages of its renovation. We continue the renovation process this winter at the good ole house by renovating some of the rooms and adding a dormitory for our backpackers.

Killer the guard dog waits outside to greet guests, don't let the name fool you.

Last season we laid down a new floor covering our traditional concrete floor; yes it might sound a bit old fashioned but that's the norm in Peru. Now over the rough finish that was concrete we laid down some Italian tiles that really make it stand out against the brilliant white walls.

Here's a shot of the small dining room and computer terminal. Also new this season is a faster and more modern computer replacing the old Pentium II as seen on the photo, boy it sure was a clunker. Now our guests can check their email and get up to date with the family back home, just make sure you don't catch yourself doing any actual work, this is your vacation!

The large and breezy windows at the B&B has always been a hit with guests. We'll continue to keep the shades open for ya! nothing like the sounds of a morning in Lima to get you out of bed with roosters crowing and street sellers yelling at the top of their lungs; "Frutas! Huevos! Tamales!"

An Xbox 360 and surround sound home theater system to keep the kids busy or even yourself.

So if you've missed out staying at the B&B for an overnight or two on one of your past tours? it is likely that you designated a three to 5 star hotel service for your entire trip with us. Our Bed & Breakfast caters to the budget conscious traveler and to Backpackers worldwide. Our rates are super affordable and in return you get a mini apartment of sorts, as there are rarely more then 6 people spending a night in the house at a time. The Karikuy B&B is that comfortable not so out of the way place that even top publications like Lonely Planet tend to miss. I mean where else are you going to shell out $15 a and have a bedroom, dining room, free Internet connection and a living room with an entertainment system at your disposal. Did we mention there are some really awesome Peruvian Hamburgers down the road?... or that the price includes a free breakfast? yes free continental breakfast!

So next time your in Lima check out or ask for a night at the Karikuy Bed and Breakfast. You won't regret it and you'll really get to see life in a traditional Lima neighborhood. We are 10 minutes from the Lima Plaza de Armas and 15 minutes from the Airport.

We are located at 1613 Alonso del Rincon in Cercado De Lima, you can book a night by calling me at the B&B, just dial our new Toll Free Number: 1888-802-INCA