Friday, June 13, 2008

A Karikuy Summer

Ok so it´s winter here on the Peruvian west coast, although it feels like summer in my current location of Huacachina. The sun is shining off the massive dunes of this tiny oasis town, a town which is as lively as the parrots that occupy its surrounding palms. At a warm 75 degrees with a slight breeze, Huacachina remains its sleepy self, albeit with the sound of the Euro Copa blasting on almost all the televisions in town.

I'm currently on my second tour group of the season and all is great! Little by little Karikuy is growing, gaining a wider reputation, and I find myself as the founder evermore responsible for showing my guest the best of what Peru has to offer. I have been running into many travelers who have been arriving on their own terms, trying to wing it as far as travelling throughout the country. The majority I´ve found are getting bad prices on hotels and being ripped off by taxis and tour groups looking to cash in. I can only hope to gain some of their confidence and trust by helping them as much as I can, not so much by offering them one of the Karikuy tours on the spot, but to guide them, introduce them to great hotels and services. I hope in doing so they can help this little organization grow by recommending me to their friends and family.

I will be posting pictures in the next couple of days and adding to this post. I am looking forward to having unlimited internet in my apartment in Lima soon where I´ll be able to finish the Tariy Blogs as well. Lastly I wish to thank those who have toured with Karikuy and those in the process of doing so for your help and your support, by touring with us you become a part if our organization and our future goals in humanitarianism. Thank You!

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